About HCA North Florida

Building a Healthy Community

In communities across North Florida, more than 13,000 of your neighbors, friends and colleagues are committed to building a Healthy Community – a community with dedicated neighborhood groups, active little leagues, charities helping those in need, first class institutions that contribute to the overall well-being of the community, and businesses committed to making the communities they serve a better place. We are the 14 hospitals in North Florida and Central Florida affiliated with HCA and their more than 13,000 employees, committed to a Healthy Community.

A National Presence

HCA’s roots date back to the 1960s when Dr. Thomas Frist, Sr. led a group of physicians to build a hospital in Nashville,Tennessee. Close to four decades of hard work and dedication have made HCA – Hospital Corporation of America – the nation's leading provider of quality healthcare services, with locally managed facilities that include approximately 191 hospitals and 82 outpatient surgery centers in 23 states, England and Switzerland. In Florida, there are 40 hospitals and 28 surgery centers, three division offices, and multiple other service facilities affiliated with HCA that employ close to 40,000 individuals. HCA affiliated facilities in the North Florida Division are a part of a quality healthcare network in North Florida with 13 affiliated hospitals, 5 surgery centers, and two consolidated service centers. Together, the network employs more than 13,000 individuals and has over 3,500 physicians on staff.

A Commitment to Excellence

Hospitals have become the front line of healthcare in our country, creating demands never seen before. Technology, a growing and ever-changing part of healthcare, has pushed the boundaries of how care is provided and the expectations of those receiving care. Providing high quality and cost effective healthcare requires a constant upgrade of our facilities and the technology within the facilities. Whether it is an expanded Emergency Room or the latest imaging technology, our commitment to excellence is unwavering. Excellence is achieved when excellence is expected. HCA affiliated North Florida Division hospitals expect and are committed to excellence.

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