HCA North Florida Division - January 11, 2018

Having a Baby at Osceola Regional

Whether you are expecting your first child or you’re an experienced mom, it’s hard to remember and make sense of all the advice you’re getting! Aside from going to appointments with your regular obstetrician, what do you need to plan for? When should you schedule a hospital tour or childbirth class? Should you deliver at a hospital that has a NICU?

If you’re overwhelmed by the thought of managing it all, not to worry! We’ve put the pieces together for you in this comprehensive checklist for each month of your pregnancy.

Month 1 (5-8 weeks):

  • Choose an obstetrician and make your first appointment.
  • Begin taking prenatal vitamins based on your doctor’s recommendations.

Month 2 (9-12 weeks):

  • Plan ahead for the expenses of labor and delivery by checking on your insurance coverage.
  • Start researching where to have your baby. Learn about how delivering in a hospital with a state-of-the-art NICU for newborn care can give you peace of mind.
  • Visit Osceola Regional’s Baby Suites and NICU online.
  • Schedule any air travel to take place before 35 weeks.

Month 3 (13-16 weeks):

  • Schedule your anatomy scan for 18-20 weeks, or when your doctor advises.
  • Talk to your employer or school about taking maternity leave and research child care services if you will need to return to work or school.

Month 4 (17-20 weeks):

  • Decide whether you will find out and announce the gender of your baby.
  • Start your baby registry at one or more stores.
  • Schedule a tour of Osceola Regional’s Baby Suites and NICU.

Month 5 (21-24 weeks):

  • Register for and attend Osceola Regional’s free Childbirth Preparation Class.
  • Create a birth plan with guidance from your obstetrician.
  • Schedule your glucose screening in accordance with your doctor’s recommendations.

Month 6 (25-28 weeks):

  • Register for and attend Osceola Regional’s free Breastfeeding 101 Class if you plan to breastfeed your baby.
  • Plan (or let friends and family plan!) a baby shower for no later than 34 weeks.

Month 7 (29-32 weeks):

Month 8 (33-36 weeks):

  • Start packing your hospital bag with the items suggested by your Baby Suites tour guide.
  • If you are having a scheduled C-section, preregister for your procedure online.
  • Get your car seat installed and inspected in preparation for bringing baby home.

Month 9 (37-40 weeks):

  • Be sure you know the signs of labor and have a transportation plan for getting to Osceola Regional for delivery.
  • Rest and relax!

Osceola Regional is by your side from the moment you get a positive pregnancy test to the moment your baby is born and offers a separate pediatric emergency department and specialized pediatric services in collaboration with Nemours Children’s Hospital. Check out all our resources for expecting moms, including free childbirth preparation, breastfeeding, and baby basics classes.